ATEQ VT30 TPMS Reset Activation Tool Live Demo
This video is a demo of the actual use of the ATEQ VT30 TPMS reset tool. Wondering how it works? Wondering if you have what it takes? Wonder no more! Watch the video which will answer all of your questions.

Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m Peter with Import Auto Performance and talking about the ATEQ VT30 tpms reset tool. If you want to reset your TPMS on a domestic European vehicle, this is one of the tools that you can use. So let’s get started.

First you’re obviously going to turn the tool on and you’re going to select the vehicle that you’re using. So you go to Vehicle Selection. We’re going to click Chevrolet and just car or truck. You’re going to click Car and that’s all that you need to do. OK?

Now when it has set the vehicle into learn mode, I’m going to do that right now. One thing to note, you can figure out how to set your vehicle into learn mode by looking at your user manual.

OK. So we just got a double honk from the vehicle that indicates that it’s in learn mode. We’re going to put this antenna 90 degrees right above the valve stem and click the trigger button.

OK. Now I’m at the second tire. Hold it in 90 degrees right by the valve stem again, plus trigger. OK. Now what you can see is the advantage of the ATEQ VT30 tpms reset tool over the VT15 tpms reset tool is that not only is it going to trigger to inactivate the sensor but it’s also going to read to you the tire pressure, absolute tire pressure. It will tell you if the battery is OK in the sensor and it’s also going to tell you the sensor ID. OK?

We’re at the third wheel. Hit trigger. All right. Now we’re at the last wheel. Hit trigger.

OK. We just reset the entire vehicle using the ATEQ VT30 tpms tool. You saw it before your very eyes. It’s very simple. Thank you very much.