ATEQ VT15 vs. VT30 Comparison of TPMS Reset Tools
This video details a quick comparison of the ATEQ VT15 vs. VT30 When you are done viewing you will understand the difference between these two very popular TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) Reset Tools from ATEQ.

Video Transcript:

Hello. Peter here with Import Auto Performance and I want to do a quick comparison between the ATEQ VT15 and the ATEQ VT30. A lot of people ask me what the differences are and I want to tell you about them. It’s really pretty simple. The VT15 is a simple activation tool. That’s all it’s going to do. OK?

The ATEQ VT30 is an activation tool but much more and I will show you some of the data that it’s going to show to you when you scan a TPMS. OK. So the VT30 is not only going to trigger the sensor but it’s going to show you a number of things. It’s going to show you a sensor ID which is really important especially if you’re doing a reset. It’s going to show you the absolute tire pressure. So this is an advanced tire pressure gauge and it’s also going to tell you if the battery is OK in your current sensor.

So you know that if you have the batteries running low, they need to be replaced. It’s going to give you that information. Furthermore, the majority of vehicles use the remote control to put the vehicle into learn mode. OK?

But how do you know that the remote has got a strong battery and it’s putting out a good signal? Well you can put it into an RKE test. It is what it’s called but it’s essentially just a key fob test. You turn that on and you’re going to trigger your remote and it’s going to tell you if it’s putting out a signal and that it’s picking it up.

So those are all the features that make this different than the ATEQ VT15 TPMS Reset Tool. Plus it has got a nice digital display which the VT15 doesn’t even have a display at all.

So those are your differences and you can make your decision accordingly, but hopefully that gave you some education between the VT15 and the ATEQ VT30 TPMS Reset Tool from ATEQ. Thank you.