Volvo Mass Air Flow Sensor MAF Meter


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This item replaces factory Volvo part number #280217107 (other possible numbers below) Please note: This unit includes the large 1 1/16" connector. Please check your factory unit before ordering. Some vehicles utilize the small 1" connector and cannot use this model.

Our unit includes a lifetime warranty covering any manufacturing defects! Why purchase a factory unit for up to $400 with a limited warranty or none at all? Purchase this unit with confidence that you have made the right decision.

Replace your faulty Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor with this high quality aftermarket replacement. Simply remove your current MAF, install the new unit and you are on your way! Common issues with a bad MAF include rough idle, shifting or accelaration. Which can translate to poor gas mileage and even stalling.

Volvo Vehicle Applications:
95-97 850
95-96 850 GLE
95-97 850 GLT
96-97 850 R
97 850 T-5
95 850 T-5R
94-96 850 Turbo
98 C70 HT
98 C70 LT
98 S70
98 S70 GL
98 S70 GLT
98 S70 T5
98 V70
98 V70 AWD
98 V70 GL
98 V70 GLT
98 V70 R
98 V70 T5
98 V70 X/C AWD

Before purchasing, please verify your factory MAF part number matches one of the below part numbers. This can be viewed on the MAF currently on the vehicle.

Possible part numbers configurations:
0 280 217 107
0280 217 117

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