OMNI-Power Honda/Acura K-Series Plug and Play 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor

OMNI-Power Honda/Acura K-Series Plug and Play 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor


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Omnipower 2.5 bar MAP sensors offer true plug and play with a stealth OEM look. Each sensor can read up to 22+ PSI (1.5 bar above atmosphere) and are made in the USA. Installation takes less than 1 minute for a clean look with no wiring and mounting headaches. Compatible with all ECU tuning software Including: Hondata, AEM, Motec, and all Freeware.
Key Features:
  • -40 to 260 degrees Fahrenheit optimal temperature operating range
  • Able to respond from 10% of the pressure scale to 90% of the pressure scale in .001 seconds (the fastest response time of any MAP sensor on the market) which translates into improved boost response.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • True linear scaling for perfect drivability at all boost and vacuum levels.
  • Compatible with all aftermarket engine management systems.
  • Minimum of 99% accurate over full scale range under all conditions including temperature, altitude, and humidity changes.
  • Allows smoother engine operation, higher boost levels, and better drivability than competitor's turbo MAP sensors.
  • Direct plug and play for an easy install and an OEM look. Dimensionally identical to the stock MAP sensor.
  • Each sensor is hand assembled, pressure, and function checked in the USA for unparalleled quality control prior to shipping.

This will fit the following vehicles:

  • 02-06 Acura RSX Type-S
  • 02-06 Acura RSX Base
  • 02-05 Honda Civic EP3
  • 05+ Honda S2000
  • 01-05 Honda Civic (all models)
  • 06+ Honda Civic Si

  • Please Note: As with any upgraded MAP sensor, you will need an engine management system in order to recalibrate the ecu. If you are looking for a stock replacement sensor for a naturally aspirated stock vehicle, please contact us.

    Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

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