GSC Power-Division Mitsubishi Evolution (EVO) 9 S2 Camshafts

GSC Power-Division Mitsubishi Evolution (EVO) 9 S2 Camshafts


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GSC Power-Division Mivec S2 cams are designed for those with a GT35-GT37 Turbo. No low end power is lost vs the stock cams when used with the larger turbo.
The S2 cams will show gains of 40-50whp over the stock cams and in some cases more in the higher RPMS. Great for 2.0L engines revving to 9000rpms or for Stroker motors revving to 8000rpms. The S2 Cams require upgraded valve springs (check out GSC’s Chro-Molly Retainers and single valve spring kit for a perfect upgrade to your valve train).
Designed for a rev range of 4000-9000 RPMS(2.0L or 3000-8000 2.2L+), 500-700whp applications. Not suggested for smaller stock appearing turbo setups. S2 cams can run on Factory ECU with custom  
S2 Specs 6009S2:
Intake 274 Duration 11.2mm peak lift, Variable Centerline
Exhaust 272 Duration 11mm Peak Lift, 113 degree Centerline

Installation Instructions: CLICK HERE

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