ATEQ TPMS Sensor Check Box

ATEQ TPMS Sensor Check Box


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A faulty TPMS sensor can be dangerous even though it has been created to reduce risks.

The ATEQ Check Box was created to allow tire repair shops and garages to test sensors prior mounting them into the wheel.

But what can go wrong in a TPMS sensor ?

1- The pressure sensor port might be plugged by tire repair sealants.

2- The wrong pressure range might have been applied to the sensor, thus providing a difference between your gauge and TPMS reading.

3- The pressure sensor may have a manufacturer’s defect.

ATEQ TPMS Checkbox All sensor shapes fit inside the checkbox. When used with the ATEQ pressure gauge, never install a bad sensor again.

Equipment required to carry the test: ATEQ TPMS Box ; Air Supply + Pressure gauge ; ATEQ VT55 TPMS sensor decoder to read the pressure value of the sensor from within the box.

TPMS Sensor compatibility: All currently known TPMS sensors on the market.

New Sensors compatibility: As long as they fit inside the box, they are compatible.

Maximum test pressure(approx.): 5 Bar (73 PSI)

Connectors: Standard pneumatic dual connection on the back. One to connect air supply and an optional one to check the calibration of your gauge.

Warranty: 1 year

Weight: 682 g (24 onces)

Dimensions H x W x D mm (inches): 125 (4.92")x 120 (4.72")x 85 (3.35")

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